Welcome to the journey.

Volunteer Roles for Camp Sheilah

The Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation invites you to take part in a special journey for youth ages 7 to 17. The truth is that a child takes grief from homicide with them the rest of their life. Their loss is not something they ever “get over.” Volunteers empower young people with the navigation tools for their incredible adventure. Whatever role you choose, here are your awesome responsibilities.

A weekend of volunteering will change their life… and yours.
Pay for Background Check:



You are trudging up snow-covered peaks of a great mountain. Bracing against high winds and subzero temperatures, your journey takes you through startling challenges and unimaginable milestones. You are an Explorer. At Camp Sheilah, Explorers are given the coveted responsibility of leading the grief journey for a camper who has experienced loss through homicide. As travel companions, you will share meals together, small group discussions, activities and free time. Together, you might shoot baskets or take a walk or climb a rock wall. One thing for sure, the experience will change your life – as well as the life of the young person by your side. Explorers, here are your requirements:

  • Be paired with a specific Jr. Explorer (camper) over a three-day camp
  • Serve as a role model and guide for a Jr. Explorer traveling along their grief journey
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate
  • Be a great listener
  • Generate excitement about the future
  • You and your Jr. Explorer will be chosen based on gender and similar interests




Long journeys require many details. Journey Helpers lend a hand where needed. Responsibilities might include registering people as they arrive on Friday, setting up a craft, walking a Jr. Explorer for a visit with our Camp Sheilah Nurse, or watching over Jr. Explorers in between activities. Journey Helpers, here are your requirements:

  • Expect the unexpected and be open to new tasks as they arise
  • Make sure all activities are set up and run smoothly. You will be working as a team to make sure the details of camp flow.
  • Cheer on the Jr. Explorers and Explorers throughout the weekend
  • Be prepared to connect others with answers if you don’t know them




While adults lead the way up the mountain, young people are needed to support the expedition. Scouts play a very important support role for camp leaders. You will work side-by-side with Explorers and Journey Leaders to ensure weekend activities run efficiently and on time. Scouts, here are your requirements:

  • Must be a young adult, 15 to 20 years old
  • Participate in weekend activities
  • Assist leaders throughout weekend
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive to Jr. Explorers
  • Oversee Jr. Explorers when Explorers take breaks or have leader meetings
  • Jr. Explorers will look up to you so this job is for mature, caring role models only




You never know the bumps and bruises that may occur along a big adventure. As the Camp Sheilah Nurse, you will be on hand to help with booboos and any medical emergencies that may arise. Camp Sheilah Nurse, here are your requirements:

  • Must have a nursing degree
  • Be compassionate to all Camp Sheilah participants, especially Jr. Explorers
  • Medical supplies will be supplied by Camp Sheilah




Every great expedition needs someone to chronicle the journey. Here is your opportunity to make Camp Sheilah a lasting memory for participants and help share the value of our work and yours. Camp Sheilah Photographer/Videographer, here are your requirements:

  • Must have expertise in both photography and videography
  • Draft a shot list with SAD Foundation leadership prior to camp weekend
  • Take still shots that may be used in marketing materials and on social media
  • Film video segments
  • Photo session with posed pictures of each Explorer and Jr. Explorer pair
  • Create a slideshow to be shown Sunday of camp
  • Please bring your own equipment